Broker’s Open House – What Is It?

Open House

We all know what an Open House is!  An event scheduled to bring in potential Buyer’s to your home, typically held on a Saturday or Sunday for a specific period of time and advertised online!

What is a Broker’s Open House

What is that, exactly? The biggest difference is the invite list, this open house is not open to the public or the nosy neighbors, only real estate professionals.  Typically a Broker’s Open House is held during a weekday or week night and Agents will be viewing the home for potential clients.

Once your Agent schedules a Broker’s Open,  it should be advertised to industry professionals. Typical forms of advertising are Facebook private events, flyers and picking up the phone to invite in person. Usually a free lunch is involved as an incentive to show up. On the day of the event, the other agents typically enjoy lunch, mingle with colleagues (from all different companies) while viewing the home and providing feedback on the property.

Why Consider a Broker’s Open?

A chance to target industry professionals to actually look inside your home, rather than viewing photos and video online.

A chance for professionals to take a moment to stop and think if your house matches any of their clients needs in their Contact Management System.

It provides valuable critique on value, staging and other items that might make your home more desirable.  Realtors are generally more open to providing positive and negative feedback at these events.

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