I Sold My Home- What Should I Leave for the Buyers?

So, you have signed on the dotted line, the movers are loading up that last box…besides contract household fixtures and items specified in the Purchase and Sale Agreement, (if you have questions on what these items may be, contact your Realtor), what should stay in the home that you have loved and cherished for the lucky new homeowners?

Welcome Note

Let’s face it, you made memories here.  Probably lots of them.  Take a moment and welcome the new owners and share a couple of your favorites.  Think holidays, birthdays, movie night, planting a favorite tree in the backyard.  Wouldn’t you love getting a note on the kitchen counter from the past owner?  Other ideas may be your favorite local restaurant or a close walk nearby that you enjoyed.  Engage the members in your house – it could be a great transition for everyone.

A Clean House

Imagine if you were moving in, how would you like to find your new home?  Most Sellers are tired after packing, moving boxes and trying to set up their new home.  If you don’t have the time to properly clean, make sure to set up a professional cleaning company in advance.


Well yes, they unlock the door!  Generally your Realtor will have one key to hand over to the Buyer’s Agent following closing, your remaining keys should be left securely in the house.

Garage Door Remotes

Don’t forget the remotes, especially the ones that are on the visor in your car, and if you have a  keypad access code, leave that on a note beside the openers.


Directions to your mailbox bank, (if you have one), and providing the number as well as the key!  Don’t forget to forward our mail.  You can do so at www.usps.com

Appliance or Household Manuals

Any manuals you have for appliances or household items that are remaining with the home are invaluable, especially if any of them have an ongoing warranty.  If you have an HVAC servicing warranty, have the Buyer check out with the HVAC Company if that is transferrable to them.


If you have paint that belongs to one of the rooms, tile, flooring, caulk that the Buyer may want, ask your agent to connect with the Buyer’s agent and see if they would like those items left neatly stacked in the garage.  Most Buyers will say yes.

Irrigation Information

If you have a map for your irrigation system this is very helpful for the new Buyer.  Also in our area the sprinklers are blown out every year.  A reminder to the new Buyer about sprinkler blow out, (we have a lot of transplants), as well as information who provided the service in the past are invaluable.   Don’t forget to refer your lawn care professional if you used one!

Special Instructions

Do you have any special instructions on items you are leaving with the home or require special attention?  Are you leaving behind a security system?  A central vacuum unit?  A water softener? A flat screen TV (don’t forget the remote)? A screen on your irrigation filters that needs to be cleaned out monthly?  Where the whole house water shut-off is?

Helpful Information

Do you have great neighbors?  If you are still in the area, provide an introduction.

Have any other great ideas?  Leave them in the comments below for us!

We are licensed Real Estate Brokers with Windermere Real Estate in Southeastern Washington State.





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